We provide art-related services for individuals and businesses

We provide the hospitality, residential, commercial, corporate and cultural sectors with art-related services and turnkey solutions such as as art consultancy, artworks procurement, project management, AI imagery, curatorial assistance, and direct connection with visual artists from all over the world. Our mission is to give any property a soul by enhancing the interior design with bespoke works of art:


  • Art selection and procurement: we help individuals, businesses, and institutions to select and acquire artworks that fit their preferences, budget, and needs. We source artworks from a wide range of artists and galleries.
  • Art commission: we hire visual artists to create specific pieces of art according to the client's requirements, preferences, and specifications. Overseen by the Art Consultant, commissioning art involves communication between the client and the artist to ensure that the final product aligns with the client's vision and expectations.
  • Art curation and exhibition planning: we plan and curate exhibitions, including selecting artworks, arranging them in a meaningful way, and designing the exhibition space.
  • Art appraisal and valuation: we provide our clients with an expert appraisal and valuation of their artworks, which is important for insurance purposes, estate planning, and selling artworks.
  • Art installation and placement: we help our clients to install and place artworks in a way that maximizes their visual impact and complements the surrounding environment.
  • Art restoration and conservation: we connect our clients with skilled professionals who can restore and conserve artworks to their original condition.
  • Art market research and analysis: we provide our clients with up-to-date information about the art market, including trends, prices, and availability of artworks.
  • Art education and outreach: we help clients to educate and engage with their audiences through workshops, talks, and other forms of outreach.
  • Art leasing and rental: we help businesses and individuals to lease or rent artworks for temporary display, such as for events, exhibitions, or office spaces.
  • Art transportation and storage: we help clients to transport and store their artworks safely and securely, including coordinating shipping, insurance, and storage facilities.
  • AI-generated imagery: we use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create digital images or alter existing ones in various ways. The algorithms can generate images from scratch, based on a set of rules, specifications, training data, and/or modify existing images by adding or removing elements, changing colors, textures, shapes, and other visual features.



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