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Art Consulting Asia is a one-stop service, art focused, interior aesthetics studio: we provide businesses and individuals with turnkey solutions including space planning, home staging, interior design, interior decoration, art consultancy and project management. Our mission is to design and enrich any property with art and decorative solutions, giving them a soulful touch. We offer:


Interior decoration is the art of transforming spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. It goes beyond just choosing furniture and paint colors; it's about creating a harmonious atmosphere that reflects the inhabitants' personalities and lifestyles. Understanding interior decoration involves grasping the principles of balance, proportion, and rhythm to create visually appealing spaces. Delving into textures, patterns, and lighting, while considering spatial flow, plays a vital role in achieving a cohesive design. Ultimately, interior decoration is a form of self-expression that fosters comfort and joy within living spaces, elevating them to havens of style and individuality.

Understanding art consulting involves seeking professional guidance and expertise to make informed decisions about selecting and integrating artwork into various spaces. Art consultants assist individuals, businesses, or institutions in curating art collections that align with their aesthetic preferences, budget, and goals. They possess extensive knowledge of the art market, art history, and contemporary trends, helping clients to choose appropriate pieces that enhance the ambiance and character of a space. Art consulting also involves understanding the client's needs and desires, ensuring that the chosen artworks resonate with the intended audience and complement the overall design and style of the environment.

Interior design is the art of crafting harmonious and functional spaces within a given structure. It encompasses the creative blend of colours, textures, furniture, and accessories to reflect a desired atmosphere or theme. Understanding interior design requires an appreciation of spatial awareness, aesthetic principles, and the psychology of space. It is about capturing the client's personality and needs, translating them into a physical reality. Key elements such as lighting, layout, and materials play a crucial role in achieving the perfect balance. The ultimate goal is to create spaces that evoke emotions, inspire, and provide comfort, making everyday life more delightful and meaningful.

Home staging is the art of enhancing a property's appeal to potential buyers. It involves strategically arranging furniture, decor, and optimizing spaces to create an inviting and desirable atmosphere. The goal is to highlight the property's best features, maximize its potential, and facilitate a quicker and more lucrative sale. This practice is based on understanding buyer psychology and market trends. Effective home staging can lead to increased buyer interest, shorter time on the market, and higher selling prices. It is a crucial tool for sellers looking to make a lasting impression and achieve successful real estate transactions.

Interior photography refers to the art of capturing visually appealing images of the interior spaces of residential properties. This form of photography focuses on showcasing the design, decor, and layout of a home, highlighting its unique features, aesthetics, and atmosphere. It involves skillfully composing shots, managing lighting, and utilizing various camera techniques to present the interiors in the most flattering and inviting way. The purpose of this photography is often for real estate marketing, interior design portfolios, or simply to capture and share the beauty of a home's interior spaces with others.



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